our story

The Ringwald opened our doors to our Ferndale location at 9 Mile & Woodward in May of 2007 with Fatal Attraction: A Greek Tragedy and quickly became a mainstay of Detroit’s theatre community. In the winter of 2020, we closed the doors to our Woodward space and are currently looking for a new home. The Ringwald is dedicated to providing a creative environment for local artists to produce works that challenge, confront, and entertain.

The Ringwald Theatre is currently looking for a new home. We will provide directions for it as soon as it is established!

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our mission

The Ringwald's mission is to engage diverse audiences through fresh, risk-taking theatrical experiences. Seasons will include productions focusing primarily on newer works, previously un-produced scripts, and innovative interpretations of seasoned classics.

anti-racism commitment

The Ringwald Theatre has a long history of spotlighting and uplifting LGBTQ+ experiences and stories. We are and always will be proud of this and we will continue to forge ahead with this goal at our roots.

Nevertheless, we are seeking to expand the scope and breadth of whom our projects include, to actively advocate for BIPOC/LatinX voices with an unabashed commitment to an anti-racism mindset and policy – one that will be followed without question by our board members, performers, and all who walk through our doors.

What does it mean to be anti-racist? Anti-racism is the act of actively speaking out against racism. It’s not a passive participation, it is the active intent of disrupting the systemic racism in our society. It is complicated, active, and heavy work. Anti-racism is a practice that can and should be implemented by all individuals, especially those who approach life from a place of privilege. But we recognize that active participation in anti-racism means ACTION.

Therefore, with this throughline driving our purpose, mission, creative projects, and hiring principles - we commit to you ALL the following:

  • We commit to an anti-racist, inclusive, diverse, and progressive future, because we believe that BIPOC/LatinX individuals have a right to visibility, inclusion, and representation.
  • We commit to confronting our biases and actively upholding anti-racist practices in order to create a space that represents diversity, inclusion, and equity for all.
  • We commit to ACTIVELY taking the necessary steps to hire, recruit, and prioritize a diverse, culturally complete staff and artistic roster, as we understand that our current board of directors DOES NOT reflect the fabric of our community.
  • We commit to ensuring our audiences at the Ringwald understand that they are entering a space with zero tolerance for those who refuse to be educated about the racism systems that they participate in.
  • We commit to actively utilizing BIPOC/LatinX frames of reference as the approach to storytelling and we acknowledge that we have not prioritized this in our past, telling the majority of our stories from the white frame of reference. We MUST make an adjustment.
  • We commit to making our creative and business processes as transparent and clear as possible in striving towards this goal. This is to say that we are taking deep dives as a creative institution and team into what our future projects and theatrical endeavors will look like.
  • We commit to using our voice in the community to advocate for those who have been systematically oppressed and disenfranchised.
  • We commit to using our theater and the stories we tell as a tool for social change.

The Ringwald Theatre commits to actioning all the anti-racist policies stated above, in order to create an inclusive, diverse, and equitable environment for any and all patrons, actors, creatives, and community members who interact with the theater. We stand with those who have been denied a voice and systematically oppressed, including those who identify as LGBTQ+, BIPOC, LatinX, or otherwise.

We move forward with open hearts, open minds, open ears, and a willing commitment to change and adapt as needed.

creative team

Joe Bailey (He/Him)

Artistic Director

Brandy Joe Plambeck (He/Him)

Media Director

Dyan Bailey (She/Her)

Creative Director

Vince Kelley (He/Him)

Director of Engagement

Phoenix Eldridge (They/Them)

Facilities Manager

Suzan M. Jacokes (She/Her)

House Manager

Katy Schoetzow (She/Her)


Gretchen Schock (She/Her)


Kelly Komlen (She/Her)


Jordan Gagnon (She/Her)


Matt Wallace (He/Him)


Sydney Lepora (She/Her)


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