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Have Yourself a MISERY Little Christmas

Dec. 4, 2020 - Dec. 31, 2020

Have Yourself a MISERY Little Christmas is an all-new full-length virtual production written by Ringwald favorites Vince Kelley and Matthew Arrington. It tells the story of Annie Willis, a lonely (slightly psychotic?) woman who lives in a remote cabin in Colorado. When she discovers a wrecked sleigh during a blizzard, she hauls the sole survivor back to her house to tend to him. When she discovers her patient is none other than St. Nick himself, Annie can’t believe her luck and she tries to persuade Santa to rewrite his Naughty and Nice lists to her liking. Will Santa’s Number One Fan succeed?

Also included with your ticket is the The Ringwald Holiday Cabaret, a new virtual cabaret with some of your favorite holiday melodies. The cabaret features Ringwald favorites: Kryssy Becker, Alisa Marie Chirco, Jordan Gagnon, Dante Hill, Christopher Kamm, Vince Kelley, Richard Payton, and Matthew Wallace. The cabaret is accompanied by Jeremy St. Martin.

Tickets for Have Yourself a MISERY Little Christmas are available at three different giving levels: $20, $50, and $100. Available to purchase through December 31st, available to stream through January 7th.

Once you purchase your ticket, an email will be sent to you which will include links for Have Yourself a MISERY Little Christmas, a virtual program, and a special bonus video, The Ringwald Holiday Cabaret. All of the videos are hosted on Vimeo. You can watch these on your phone/computer/tablet or, if you have the capability, you can stream them to your smart TV. (You can follow these steps to make it work).

If you have any problems viewing these files or don't receive the email with the links, please reach out to us at

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All safety precautions were observed during the filming of these pieces.

Directed by:

Brandy Joe Plambeck

Playwrights: Matthew Arrington and Vince Kelley
Director of Photography: Jake Turner
Cinematography: Brandy Joe Plambeck, Jake Turner
Editors: Dyan Bailey, Brandy Joe Plambeck, Jake Turner
Compositing: Dyan Bailey, Jake Turner
Sound design: Brandy Joe Plambeck, Dyan Bailey
Costume Design: Vince Kelley
Set Design: Jake Turner
Set Dressing: Vince Kelley
Fight Choreographer: Liz Schultz
Hair and Make-Up Design: Kayla Kelley
Property Design: Katy Schoetzow


Annie Willis: Suzan M. Jacokes
Santa Claus: Joe Bailey
Mrs. Claus: Dyan Bailey
Twinkleberry: Phoenix Eldridge
Lauren Bacall: Vince Kelley
Bottom: Aurora Boarealis Pigdon

Kryssy Becker
Alisa Marie Chirco
Jordan Gagnon
Dante Hill
Christopher Kamm
Vince Kelley
Richard Payton
Matthew Wallace

Accompanist: Jeremy St. Martin