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Murder, She Podcast: Baby One More Crime

April 16, 2021 - May 2, 2021

Murder, She Podcast: Baby One More Crime is an all-new full length virtual production written by Ringwald favorites Vince Kelley and Matthew Arrington.

In Murder, She Podcast: Baby One More Crime, bestselling author, amateur sleuth, and trenchoat aficionado Jessica Fletcher is recording her latest podcast with her trusty sidekick and co-host, former Sherrif Amos Tupper, at her side. Today’s topic is the mysterious disappearance of music sensation Britney Spears. Where has the Pop Princess gone? Is it just a disappearance, or is something more sinister at play? As the investigation deepens, you will be asking, “Where’s Britney, bitch?”

Murder, She Podcast: Baby One More Crime stars Richard Payton as Jessica Fletcher, Joe Bailey as Sherriff Amos Tupper, Suzan M. Jacokes as Andrew Lark, Joel Mitchell as Gene Smart, Nicole Pascaretta as Jamie Lynn Spears, Donny Riedel as Chris Crocker, Cory Shorter as Jeffrey Bean, Dyan Bailey as Mary Kerry Brockenberry, Tess Hannah as The Narrator, and Dave Davies as Britney. Brandy Joe Plambeck directed with assistance from Dyan Bailey, Vince Kelley, and Katy Schoetzow. All safety precautions were observed during filming.

Tickets for Murder, She Podcast: Baby One More Crime are available at three different giving levels: $20, $50, and $100 are available to purchase through Sunday, May 2nd. The performance will be available to stream through May 10th.

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Murder, She Podcast: Baby One More Crime was developed prior to the release of the Framing Britney Documentary. The Ringwald firmly stands in support of the pop icon, and shares this piece of art with love and affection.

All safety precautions were observed during the filming of these pieces.

Directed by:

Brandy Joe Plambeck

Writers - Vince Kelley & Matthew Arrington

Video Editors - Brandy Joe Plambeck, Dyan Bailey

Theme Remix: Nick Kostreba

Props Design - Katy Schoetzow

Costume Design - Vince Kelley

Makeup Design - Kayla Kelley


Richard Payton is Jessica Fletcher

Joe Bailey is Sheriff Amos Tupper

Suzan M. Jacokes is Andrew Lark

Joel Mitchell is Gene Smart

Nicole Pascaretta is Jamie Lynn Spears

Donny Riedel is Chris Crocker

Cory Shorter is Jeffrey Bean

Dyan Bailey is Mary Kerry Brockenberry

Tess Hannah is The Narrator

Dave Davies is Britney Spears